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For 16-18 Kia Sorento Keyless Entry Limited Our shop OFFers the best service price sale Remote Flip Key Fob OSLOKA-9

For 16-18 Kia Sorento Keyless Entry Flip Remote Key Fob OSLOKA-9


For 16-18 Kia Sorento Keyless Entry Flip Remote Key Fob OSLOKA-9

Product description

Color:HY 910T FLIP 4B HI SEC -x2

Brand new replacement remote amp; key compatible with vehicles listed. Items fully tested prior to shipping. Buy with confidence from a well known company with a great reputation. 60 day warranty included with every purchase ! 2016-2018 Kia Sorento

For 16-18 Kia Sorento Keyless Entry Flip Remote Key Fob OSLOKA-9

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