/cetorhinid125767.html,+,PINK,$56,18pcs,Mode,Automotive , Lights Lighting Accessories,LED,tomjoka.com,Neon,Underglow,Interior,Car,Three,Premium /cetorhinid125767.html,+,PINK,$56,18pcs,Mode,Automotive , Lights Lighting Accessories,LED,tomjoka.com,Neon,Underglow,Interior,Car,Three,Premium $56 PINK Premium 18pcs Underglow + Car Interior Three Mode LED Neon Automotive Lights Lighting Accessories PINK Premium 18pcs Underglow + Car LED Mode Neon Three Interior Al sold out. $56 PINK Premium 18pcs Underglow + Car Interior Three Mode LED Neon Automotive Lights Lighting Accessories PINK Premium 18pcs Underglow + Car LED Mode Neon Three Interior Al sold out.

PINK Premium 18pcs Underglow + Car Very popular! LED Mode Neon Three Interior Al sold out.

PINK Premium 18pcs Underglow + Car Interior Three Mode LED Neon


PINK Premium 18pcs Underglow + Car Interior Three Mode LED Neon

Product Description


What's Included

  • 8pc light tubes, 4 pc flex strips.
  • 1 controller plug with ON/OFF switch and integrated LED light display
  • Zip ties, wire clips, screws, brackets, and detailed instructions with recommended mounting locations
  • (4) 12ft wire, (4) 36" wire, (2) 12" wire.

PINK Premium 18pcs Underglow + Car Interior Three Mode LED Neon

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