$39 Smead Expanding File Wallet with Flap and Cloth Tie Closure, 3-1 Office Products Office School Supplies Smead Expanding Outlet sale feature File Wallet with Flap Tie and 3-1 Closure Cloth $39 Smead Expanding File Wallet with Flap and Cloth Tie Closure, 3-1 Office Products Office School Supplies and,Smead,Expanding,with,Tie,Office Products , Office School Supplies,3-1,Closure,,$39,Flap,tomjoka.com,/chakazi1989459.html,Wallet,File,Cloth Smead Expanding Outlet sale feature File Wallet with Flap Tie and 3-1 Closure Cloth and,Smead,Expanding,with,Tie,Office Products , Office School Supplies,3-1,Closure,,$39,Flap,tomjoka.com,/chakazi1989459.html,Wallet,File,Cloth

Smead Expanding Outlet sale feature File Wallet with Flap Indefinitely Tie and 3-1 Closure Cloth

Smead Expanding File Wallet with Flap and Cloth Tie Closure, 3-1


Smead Expanding File Wallet with Flap and Cloth Tie Closure, 3-1

Product description

Size:3-1/2 Inch Expansion

Smead Expanding File Wallet with Flap and Cloth Tie Closure, 3-1

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