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AKARMY Men's Outdoor Military Tactical Pants, Rip-Stop Casual Wo


AKARMY Men's Outdoor Military Tactical Pants, Rip-Stop Casual Wo

Product Description

Men's Military Tactical Pants Camo BDU Cargo Pants Work Trousers with 10 Pockets

Black Python

  • RIP-STOP MATERIAL - Ripstop polyester fabric with great water repellent treatment keep you dry all day long. This work pants for men feature breathable, scratch-resistant, wear-resisting, water resistant, durable, comfortable and flexible.
  • MULTIPLE POCKET- This mens tactical pants up to 10 pockets for store various equipment. 2 front slant pockets, 2 large hookamp;loop pockets and 4 hip flap hookamp;loop pockets, it's convenient for carrying phone, wallet and other daily necessities, safe and reliable, 2 military pockets on each side of the shin perfect for more convenient to get items when squatting or crawling. No matter outdoor adventure, working, hiking or combat, this pant is built for versatility and extra storage.
  • OCCASION-Waterproof pants apply to heavy duty operating, tactical, cycling, motorcycle, military, combat, hunting, fishing, climbing, hiking, working, casual, work, outdoor, army, outdoor adventure etc.
military pants

Men's Tactical Pants Water Repellent Ripstop Cargo Pants

34 tactical pants

  • Multipurpose: Tactical pants are useful for those in service duty, such as police officers, law enforcement, EMS, firefighters, soldiers, military, security and also for work, training, hiking, hunting, mountaineering and other outdoor activities.
  • Perfect for any outdoor activities, training, off duty exercises or daily wear
  • Steetwear: Fashion pants/ Tactical pants/ Army pants/ Working pants
  • Season: Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter Four seasons
  • Occasion: Ideal for Airsoft, Paintball, Training, Picnic, Fishing, Mountaineering, Hiking, Cycling, Climbing, SWAT, Working on the land, etc.

Men's Water Repellent Ripstop Work Pants Operator Tactical Pant Hiking Outdoor Cargo Pants

tactical pants

  • Question 1: How breathable are these pants?
  • Answer 1: My experience has been that these pants breathe very well.
  • Question 2: When i go camping/hiking, i go up in the mountains/the outback/rough terrain, i need tough/durable! Will these pants work?
  • Answer 2: Yes these are ripe resistant and stretch. Great option for hiking. The military pants are very comfortable.
  • Question 3: Do they shrink?
  • Answer 3: No they didn’t shrink i keep washing them and wearing them still perfect. Also they are my favorite pants they’re so comfortable.
  • Question 4: Do these pants pull down in back when you bend down, do they give you plumber pants?
  • Question 4: These are THE BEST designed pants I have ever worn. I have no need nor interest in jeans after wearing these daily for several months. The new flexible fabric is amazing: Comfort, style, function. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. I’m not a paid influencer, just a very satisfied customer.

AKARMY Men's Outdoor Military Tactical Pants, Rip-Stop Casual Wo

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Last March, early in the COVID-19 lockdown, I set out to design and build a new frame fixture for myself. This was need-based on many levels. I wanted something amazing. Something better than anything I could buy. A fixture for a new way of doing things. The result was the PVD Cyberdyne System. I still … Gordini Women's Fall Line Glove

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Jump Ramps and Kickers

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High-N-Dry Briarproof, Waterproof, Brush Protector Chaps, Made i

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Old WEST Girl's Toddler/Little Kid Pearlized Faux Leather Round

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