Tycoon Percussion Large [Alternative dealer] Cowskin Round Maracas /distributiveness125722.html,$39,Large,tomjoka.com,Musical Instruments , Drums Percussion,Tycoon,Maracas,Percussion,Round,Cowskin $39 Tycoon Percussion Large Round Cowskin Maracas Musical Instruments Drums Percussion /distributiveness125722.html,$39,Large,tomjoka.com,Musical Instruments , Drums Percussion,Tycoon,Maracas,Percussion,Round,Cowskin $39 Tycoon Percussion Large Round Cowskin Maracas Musical Instruments Drums Percussion Tycoon Percussion Large [Alternative dealer] Cowskin Round Maracas

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Tycoon Percussion Large Round Cowskin Maracas


Tycoon Percussion Large Round Cowskin Maracas

Product description

Tycoon Percussion TMCS-120 Round Cow skin Maracas are a large version of Tycoon’s cow skin maracas. These maracas incorporate a rounded shape to give the player more flexibility drawing multiple sounds out of the instrument. Perfect for loud playing or studio recording use, these maracas are a must for every player.

Tycoon Percussion Large Round Cowskin Maracas

Scientific literature – Longevity

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