Sealey ANV5 5kg Anvil Purchase $52 Sealey ANV5 Anvil, 5kg Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,,Anvil,,$52,ANV5,Sealey,5kg,/drepanium154157.html $52 Sealey ANV5 Anvil, 5kg Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,,Anvil,,$52,ANV5,Sealey,5kg,/drepanium154157.html Sealey ANV5 5kg Anvil Purchase

Sealey ANV5 Sacramento Mall 5kg Anvil Purchase

Sealey ANV5 Anvil, 5kg


Sealey ANV5 Anvil, 5kg

Product description

Product Description

Bench mounting cast iron anvil, featuring single bick. Working Surface (W x D): 115 x 68mm. Size (W x D x H): 215 x 102 x 112mm.

Set Contains:

Sealey ANV5 Anvil 5kg

Sealey ANV5 Anvil, 5kg

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