$35 Wentworth Pewter - Sunfish Round Pewter Flask, Spirit Flask, 6oz Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining tomjoka.com,6oz,Round,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Spirit,Flask,,Pewter,$35,Pewter,-,Sunfish,Wentworth,Flask,,/exfoliation154202.html tomjoka.com,6oz,Round,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Spirit,Flask,,Pewter,$35,Pewter,-,Sunfish,Wentworth,Flask,,/exfoliation154202.html Wentworth Pewter - Sunfish Spirit 6oz Round Cheap mail order specialty store Flask $35 Wentworth Pewter - Sunfish Round Pewter Flask, Spirit Flask, 6oz Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Wentworth Pewter - Sunfish Spirit 6oz Round Cheap mail order specialty store Flask

Wentworth Pewter - Sunfish Spirit 6oz Round Cheap mail order specialty store Flask Excellent

Wentworth Pewter - Sunfish Round Pewter Flask, Spirit Flask, 6oz


Wentworth Pewter - Sunfish Round Pewter Flask, Spirit Flask, 6oz

Product description

6oz capacity round pewter flask
Sunfish design embossed.
Screw top.
Designed exclusively for Wentworth's by Gordon W Robertson
Supplied in lid and base box
Hand made in the U.K.

Wentworth Pewter - Sunfish Round Pewter Flask, Spirit Flask, 6oz

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