$140 Elusive Wildlife Piglet HD Pro Bow Light Package Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Elusive,$140,/forcleave1989643.html,Package,Bow,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Pro,Wildlife,Piglet,Light,tomjoka.com,HD Elusive Wildlife Piglet Ranking TOP4 HD Package Bow Pro Light Elusive,$140,/forcleave1989643.html,Package,Bow,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Pro,Wildlife,Piglet,Light,tomjoka.com,HD $140 Elusive Wildlife Piglet HD Pro Bow Light Package Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Elusive Wildlife Piglet Ranking TOP4 HD Package Bow Pro Light

Elusive Wildlife Piglet Ranking TOP4 HD Package Bow Pro Light Rare

Elusive Wildlife Piglet HD Pro Bow Light Package


Elusive Wildlife Piglet HD Pro Bow Light Package

Product description

New features include: Adjustable beam width and brightness Up to 150 yard target illumination 1 inch body fits standard mounts Powered by one 16340 Lithium Rechargeable Battery Multi-purpose tailcap with on/off button and quick-connect plug. No need to change tail caps to add or remove any wired switches. Whisper Silent Dimmer switch adjustable brightness at your fingertips. Piglet HD Pro Bow Light The Piglet HD Pro Bow Light system comes standard with the Piglet bow rail mount, light-to-rail ring mount, dual station smart charger with A/C and 12 volt vehicle adapter, 2 pack rechargeable batteries, USB smart charger, quick connect tactical on/off and pressure switches, Whisper Silent Dimmer switch, three (green, red, and white) dimmable LEDs, and custom soft sided case perfect for the light and accessories.

Elusive Wildlife Piglet HD Pro Bow Light Package

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Editor-in-Chief: Lech Panasiuk
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