Nutley's 12 Small Ranking TOP7 Clear Jam or 5.5 Jars 156ml oz fl. Spice or,oz),Jars,,,Nutley's,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,$35,Spice,Jam,Clear,fl.,(5.5,/golach1989701.html,156ml,Small,,12 $35 Nutley's 12 Small, Clear Jam or Spice Jars, 156ml (5.5 fl. oz) Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Nutley's 12 Small Ranking TOP7 Clear Jam or 5.5 Jars 156ml oz fl. Spice $35 Nutley's 12 Small, Clear Jam or Spice Jars, 156ml (5.5 fl. oz) Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining or,oz),Jars,,,Nutley's,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,$35,Spice,Jam,Clear,fl.,(5.5,/golach1989701.html,156ml,Small,,12

Nutley's 12 Small Ranking TOP7 Clear Jam or 5.5 Jars 156ml oz Sales fl. Spice

Nutley's 12 Small, Clear Jam or Spice Jars, 156ml (5.5 fl. oz)


Nutley's 12 Small, Clear Jam or Spice Jars, 156ml (5.5 fl. oz)

Product description

A set of 12 jam jars which are an ideal size for smaller amounts of jam, preserves, sauces, etc, or for larger amounts of herbs and spices.

Nutley's 12 Small, Clear Jam or Spice Jars, 156ml (5.5 fl. oz)

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