$81 3 Drawers Mobile File Cabinet with Lock, Under Desk File Cabinet Office Products Office Furniture Lighting $81 3 Drawers Mobile File Cabinet with Lock, Under Desk File Cabinet Office Products Office Furniture Lighting 3 Drawers Mobile File Max 77% OFF Cabinet Lock Under Desk with Desk,$81,File,Under,Drawers,Lock,,File,Cabinet,with,Cabinet,tomjoka.com,3,Office Products , Office Furniture Lighting,/grouping503005.html,Mobile Desk,$81,File,Under,Drawers,Lock,,File,Cabinet,with,Cabinet,tomjoka.com,3,Office Products , Office Furniture Lighting,/grouping503005.html,Mobile 3 Drawers Mobile File Max 77% OFF Cabinet Lock Under Desk with

3 Drawers Mobile File Max 77% OFF Cabinet Lock Under Desk Philadelphia Mall with

3 Drawers Mobile File Cabinet with Lock, Under Desk File Cabinet


3 Drawers Mobile File Cabinet with Lock, Under Desk File Cabinet

Product description


"3 Drawers Pedestal File Cabinet with Lock Assembled, White and Black Available for Home and Office Choice


≥Color : White and Black Available
≥Material : Steel Construction
≥Surface: Powder Coating

※Overall Dimension : 24.4""H x 15.4""W x 20.5""L
※Inside of Upper Drawer: 12""W x 15.2""L x 3.2""D
※Inside of Lower Drawer: 12""W x 15.2""L x 9.8""D

√ Product Weight: 41.2lbs
√ Total Load Capacity: 330lbs
√ Load Capacity of Each Drawer: 55lbs


+Interlock System Drawers, Heavy Duty Interlock System is Ideal for Muti-Drawer, It is Vital that Only One Drawer at a Time can be Opened
+3 Drawers, 2 Stationery Drawers + 1 Hanging File Folder Drawer, Easy to Classify and Storage Your Files and Folders
+2 Keys for 1 Lock, One Lock Secure all 3 Drawers, Unique Key for Unique Cabinet, Worry Free for Business Privacy Explosion
+Stable amp; Detachable Stationery Tray on First Drawer, Multiple Satisfaction for Modern People Who are in Pursuit of Diversity Stationery Case and with Zero Wobble
+Adjustable Hanging Bar, Perfect for File Folder Organization, Like Letter Size, A4 Size, Legal Size
+5 360°Swivel Casters, Super Easy to Move; 2Front Lockable Casters, Stabilize Cabinet without Tipping


→ 1 X File Cabinet
→ 5 X 360°Swivel Caster
→ 2 X Keys for One Lock
→ 4 X Screw + 4 X Screw Nut + 4 X Screw Cushion

3 Drawers Mobile File Cabinet with Lock, Under Desk File Cabinet

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