New Generation 04-064-SR100 Clutch Premium Kit High quality new $97 New Generation 04-064-SR100 Premium Clutch Kit Automotive Replacement Parts New Generation 04-064-SR100 Clutch Premium Kit High quality new $97 New Generation 04-064-SR100 Premium Clutch Kit Automotive Replacement Parts Clutch,,Premium,/hurl154263.html,$97,Generation,Kit,Automotive , Replacement Parts,04-064-SR100,New Clutch,,Premium,/hurl154263.html,$97,Generation,Kit,Automotive , Replacement Parts,04-064-SR100,New

New Generation 04-064-SR100 Ranking TOP5 Clutch Premium Kit High quality new

New Generation 04-064-SR100 Premium Clutch Kit


New Generation 04-064-SR100 Premium Clutch Kit

Product description

12'' Chevrolet, GMC clutch kit. This upgrade clutch kit was designed to improve upon the Original Equipment Design and to accommodate certain driving conditions. All SR100 upgrade clutch kits are ideal for hauling, towing or other performance requirements that maximize the vehicle's capacity. The SR100 upgrade clutch accommodates increased engine torque capacity by 50 foot pounds while maintaining OEM specifications for idle noise control and driver comfort. These kits contain an OE pressure plate and heavy duty disc lined with organic friction material. The SR100 upgrade clutch kit is engineered for applications with engine upgrades of less than 50 horsepower.

New Generation 04-064-SR100 Premium Clutch Kit

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