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Special price Chala Max 72% OFF Backpack Style Purse Striped Key detachable Whale w

Chala Backpack Style Purse Striped Whale Purse w detachable Key


Chala Backpack Style Purse Striped Whale Purse w detachable Key

Product description

Color:Teal Stripe Backpack With Metal Turtle Charm

Up for your consideration is a Chala Backpack style purse. It features:

Stripe Backpack - Whale
Spaceous,Convenient, Travel Ready

  • The front is adorned with our playful Whale character
  • Comes with a front zipper pocket with a detachable starfish purse charm
  • Two top zipper pockets for extra room!
  • Rear zipper pocket for keys, cellphones, and other small items
  • Bottom compartment perfect for a lunch box!
  • Inner patterned fabric lining comes with a zipper pocket and a cellphone slide pocket
  • Comfortable cotton backpack straps
Materials used: Cotton canvas/faux leather
Color: Blue Stripe
Approx. Measurements: 11.5" x 6" x 15"

Please note: Colors may not be exactly as pictured. Lining patterns may vary slightly.
Designed in California, USA
Made in China

Chala Backpack Style Purse Striped Whale Purse w detachable Key

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