Cable,2260140,with,Einhell,/laterality1989609.html,Lever,,Manual,Red,,,$54,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Drive,Black $54 Einhell 2260140 Cable Drive with Manual Lever, Red, Black Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Cable,2260140,with,Einhell,/laterality1989609.html,Lever,,Manual,Red,,,$54,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Drive,Black Einhell 2260140 Outlet SALE Cable Drive with Lever Manual Black Red Einhell 2260140 Outlet SALE Cable Drive with Lever Manual Black Red $54 Einhell 2260140 Cable Drive with Manual Lever, Red, Black Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools

Einhell 2260140 Popular standard Outlet SALE Cable Drive with Lever Manual Black Red

Einhell 2260140 Cable Drive with Manual Lever, Red, Black


Einhell 2260140 Cable Drive with Manual Lever, Red, Black

Product description

With the einhell tc-lw 1000 hoist is no longer a physical effort to displacement of building materials and heavy goods, the hoist is suitable for dragging and holding loads; with a maximum tensile force of 1. 000 kg and a maximum useful distance of 1, 2 metres can also be changed from the site solid wood ovens, kitchen utensils and machines - completely without back pain; a twist-free wire cable of 2, 2 metres (diameter 4, 8 mm) and a diverter pulley with a load hook, which has a safety footboard; the safety stem prevents unhook. unwanted loading; an automatic brake secures the load in any position; to prevent a complete unwinding of the cable a safety loop is mounted; the hoist contains a spring clamp, which allows for easy unlocking of the locking ratchet for cable unwinding; the hoist is not suitable for raising and lowering loads.

Einhell 2260140 Cable Drive with Manual Lever, Red, Black

Out Now: MONO - "Pilgrimage of the Soul"

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