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Haggar Men's Two Tone Plaid Expandable Waist Straight Fit Plain


Haggar Men's Two Tone Plaid Expandable Waist Straight Fit Plain

Product description

Pantalón delantero liso con cintura extensible a cuadros de dos tonos

מכנסיים עם שני גוונים משובצים מתרחבים בגזרה ישרה קדמית פשוטה

Zweifarbiges Karomuster, erweiterbare Taille, gerade Passform, einfarbige Vorderhose

Calça de dois tons xadrez expansível na cintura com ajuste reto



투톤 격자무늬 확장 가능한 허리 스트레이트 핏 플레인 프론트 팬츠

From the manufacturer

Haggar Men's Two Tone Plaid Expandable Waist Straight Fit Plain

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