Telescoping,3,in-Board,Steel,Steps,/punctuate154287.html,Amarine,Ladder,,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Made,Stainless,$62 $62 Amarine Made Stainless Steel in-Board 3 Steps Telescoping Ladder Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness $62 Amarine Made Stainless Steel in-Board 3 Steps Telescoping Ladder Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Telescoping,3,in-Board,Steel,Steps,/punctuate154287.html,Amarine,Ladder,,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Made,Stainless,$62 Amarine Gifts Made Stainless Steel in-Board Steps Telescoping 3 Ladder Amarine Gifts Made Stainless Steel in-Board Steps Telescoping 3 Ladder

Amarine Gifts Made Stainless Steel Max 64% OFF in-Board Steps Telescoping 3 Ladder

Amarine Made Stainless Steel in-Board 3 Steps Telescoping Ladder


Amarine Made Stainless Steel in-Board 3 Steps Telescoping Ladder

Product description


Handle Height:Approx.8.42" / 214mm
Step Width:Approx.1.5" / 38mm
Handrail Diameter:Approx. 1.06" / 27mm
Folded Ladder Length (Expect Handrail): Approx. 14.76" / 375mm
Extended Ladder Length (Expect Handrail): Approx. 34.25" / 870mm
Extended Ladder Height(Included Handrail):Approx. 39.37" / 1000mm
Distance between handrails Outside to Outside:Approx. 12.32" / 313mm


Extra tall and comfortable handrails for easy boarding.
Unique universal self supporting design requires no support.
Each step has a slip-proof plastic tread to assure maximum safety
Easily mounts to deck(mounting hardware and instruction is not included)
Steps drop smoothly into water and also quickly stowed away while not in use
Constructed of marine grade 304 stainless steel for durability and resistance to rust and corrosion

Amarine Made Stainless Steel in-Board 3 Steps Telescoping Ladder

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