Dregano Dane Sword Nutcracker sold out Germany Made in Dregano Dane Sword Nutcracker sold out Germany Made in Sword,Nutcracker,$127,Home Kitchen , Seasonal Décor,Made,Germany,Dregano,/punctuate1791087.html,Dane,tomjoka.com,in $127 Dregano Dane Sword Nutcracker Made in Germany Home Kitchen Seasonal Décor Sword,Nutcracker,$127,Home Kitchen , Seasonal Décor,Made,Germany,Dregano,/punctuate1791087.html,Dane,tomjoka.com,in $127 Dregano Dane Sword Nutcracker Made in Germany Home Kitchen Seasonal Décor

Dregano Dane Sword Nutcracker sold out Boston Mall Germany Made in

Dregano Dane Sword Nutcracker Made in Germany


Dregano Dane Sword Nutcracker Made in Germany

Product description

Sword drawn for battle this Dane with Sword German Nutcracker dressed in his white tunic looks as if he could have just jumped from his steed to lunge into battle. Stands about 38 cm tall (15 inches) and was made in the birthplace of the wooden nutcracker Seiffen Germany. Remember to decorate your dining room with your German Nutcracker collection. They make a wonderful centerpiece for your Christmas Holiday home.

Dregano Dane Sword Nutcracker Made in Germany

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